The following testimonials are a small sample of the hundreds that I received as a result of a session I produced for release on YouTube as a free service for everyone to enjoy and benefit from.  Click inside the box below to hear it...


Customized Audio-Recorded Hypnotherapy Sessions

Thank you Steven for my customized audio program. After listening to it for a week, my anxiety surrounding money has disappeared and has given me so much relief. Because of your audio program, I have faith for a better future and look forward to building a rich tapestry for my life.​ Many blessings to you and thank you again.


Trish S. ~ Melbourne, Australia

Thank you so much for this powerful session. I feel really good about things inside of me, in my mind and in my spirit and body, so I just want to thank you so much for your powerful words and your professionalism is beautiful. Thank you.

Katherine L. ~ Detroit, MI

I have no hesitation in recommending Steven. As a professional trader, I must  be objective and not allow any adrenalin fueled emotions to influence my trading decisions. Steven understood my objectives perfectly and produced a superb be-spoke hypnotherapy recording, which has greatly improved my performance.

Edward S. ~ Lincoln, England

Just a quick note, I have been enjoying my personalized audio-recorded session on wealth and prosperity. It's been about two weeks, and I am beginning to see results. I have noticed a change in my mind set regarding finances and money  in a variety of ways, and even " unexpected" ways though small It's fantastic to see them materialize.

Danny M. ~ USA