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The first group of testimonials below, is a small sample of the hundreds that I received as a result of a session I produced for release on YouTube as a free service for everyone to enjoy and benefit from.  Click inside the box below to hear it...


Personalized, Audio-Recorded Hypnotherapy Session

Steven, Thank you! Thank You! Thank You! I don't know why I waited 5 years. The personal transformation I am experiencing is amazing, everything is just easier, less stressful and I am having more fun than I have had in a long time. I am glad you took the time  and asked me questions and dug deep to truly understand what I wanted to accomplish. If you want results take action today.

Robert H. ~ Haddonfield, New Jersey, USA

At the beginning of 2020, after clicking on hundreds of hypnosis videos in search of an effective wealth hypnosis, I stumbled upon Steven Graham’s amazing “Guided Wealth Meditation” on YouTube and I popped my headphones in my ears, dimmed the lights and planted my feet firmly into the carpet to try it out. I can confidently say, it was the first hypnosis, out of hundreds I’ve tried, that effectively impressed my subconscious mind and created immediate, tangible changes in my income after the very first time using it and to my amazement, every single time I used it afterward!

This was huge for me as a seasoned, long-time meditator because other hypnotist I’ve tried just weren’t effective, and I was at a point of hopelessness that I would ever find a hypnosis that actually worked. To test my belief, I sent the video to other friends and family and they reported the same positive results from doing his hypnosis, so I knew then it wasn’t just me!!! This compelled me to reach out to him for additional help and to my surprise and delight, he responded so graciously and made me feel so comfortable and open to discussing my concerns, I knew I had found a kindred spirit seeking to heal humanity.

Since that time, Steven has created the most powerful hypnosis cd’s I’ve ever used and what makes it even better is that I have them for a lifetime of use. Steven’s hypnosis style actually brings you into the theta state you need to enter in order for your subconscious to be impressed and since receiving my various cd’s, I’ve recommended others to him and they have all expressed how life changing it’s been working with him as well!! He’s truly a gem and I’m so grateful the universe brought him into my life! Thank you, Steven for your selfless contributions to healing the people on planet Gaia!!! You are one of a kind! May the Universe Bless you in all ways!!! 


Isa M. ~ Norfolk, Virginia, USA

Thank you Steven for my customized audio program. After listening to it for a week, my anxiety surrounding money has disappeared and has given me so much relief. Because of your audio program, I have faith for a better future and look forward to building a rich tapestry for my life.​ Many blessings to you and thank you again.


Trish S. ~ Melbourne, Australia

Thank you so much for this powerful session. I feel really good about things inside of me, in my mind and in my spirit and body, so I just want to thank you so much for your powerful words and your professionalism is beautiful. Thank you.

Katherine L. ~ Detroit, Michigan, USA

I have no hesitation in recommending Steven. As a professional trader, I must  be objective and not allow any adrenalin fueled emotions to influence my trading decisions. Steven understood my objectives perfectly and produced a superb be-spoke hypnotherapy recording, which has greatly improved my performance.

Edward S. ~ Lincoln, England

Just a quick note, I have been enjoying my personalized audio-recorded session on wealth and prosperity. It's been about two weeks, and I am beginning to see results. I have noticed a change in my mind set regarding finances and money  in a variety of ways, and even " unexpected" ways though small It's fantastic to see them materialize.

Danny M. ~ USA

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