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What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis has been officially recognized by the American Medical Association since 1958 as a legitimate and safe approach to medical and psychological problems.


Hypnosis is a focused state of awareness that relaxes you, and allows me to work with you on a sub-conscious level to help you make positive improvements in your life.

A deep state of hypnosis provides a pleasant experience during which you remain focused and aware, but slip into the most relaxing and luxurious state of mind and body you could imagine. You do not go unconscious during hypnosis.

Hypnotherapy is guided, self-improvement behavior modification which makes me as a hypnotherapist a behavior-modification therapist, or counselor.

In hypnosis you are always aware of your surroundings and can open your eyes at any time. You may even get up and walk around and return to your chair and be in hypnosis the entire time. Hypnosis is a natural state of mind that we all encounter in varying degrees throughout the day.

Under the guidance and direction of a well-trained and certified hypnotherapist, you will experience beneficial, long-lasting changes in the areas of behavior you are seeking improvement upon.

Hypnotherapy is safe and effective. I always give a free initial consultation, answer your questions and explain how hypnosis works and why. You will feel completely comfortable with the process or we will not proceed. At no time does anyone in hypnosis ever surrender their will or freedom of choice. Hypnosis is not mind-control.


Find out how hypnotherapy can benefit you. I provide the following services:


✓ Have a Healthy, Perfected Body Image Now
✓ Physical Healing Visualization and Restoration
✓ Improve Your Memory
✓ Eliminate Wealth-Blocks to Create Abundance
✓ Freedom from Procrastination: Get things done to achieve your goals

Eliminate F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real)
✓ Creating a Positively-Impressioned Mindset
✓ Build a Confident Self-Image plus Anchoring Empowering Affirmations
✓ Enter the "Fantasy Library" to Rescript Harmful Belief/Behavior Patterns
✓ Soothing Relaxation and Stress Relief


How well does Hypnosis work?

A comparison study:


Psychoanalysis:     38% recovery after 600 sessions

Behavior therapy:  72% recovery after 22 sessions

Hypnotherapy:        93% recovery after 6 sessions

Study conducted by Alfred A. Barrios, PhD., published in Psychotherapy magazine volume 7, number 1

Note: Hypnotherapists are not licensed by the healing arts and in some cases, a medical referral is required. I do not diagnose, prescribe or treat any medical condition.

Some Benefits of Hypnosis
It is recognized that it takes 21 days to change a habit with positive
suggestions into a new behavior. Here are 21 powerful reasons to use hypnosis to improve your life...



1. Relaxation
2. Stress Management
3. Confidence & Self Esteem
4. Fears & Phobias
5. Relationship Enhancement


6. Weight Control
7. Pain Management
8. Sleep Disorders & Insomnia
9 . Strengthen Immune System
10. Athletic Skills & Performance
11. Stress-Induced Medical Issues


12. Overcome Sabotage
13. Eliminate Procrastination
14. Improve Memory
15. Strengthen Creativity & Talents
16. Motivation & Goal Setting


17. Stop Smoking
18. Habit Control
19. Self Love & Intimacy
20. Communication Skills
21. Overcome Addictions & Co-dependency

22. Attract Greater Wealth and Abundance 

Please click on the "Contact Me" button at the top of any page in order to find out more about me, what to expect or to ask questions. Using the form provided, you may reach me for more information or schedule your free hypnosis consultation.


_________________________________________________________________________________, Steven Graham, C.Ht
See Studies Proving Effectivness of Hypnosis

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