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Article: "Can You Change Your Reality?"

We all have the POWER to set the tone or mood in our lives which sets up a "law of attraction" that radiates out in all directions like a radio signal. That signal then attracts whatever is on our frequency back into our lives, manifesting as thoughts or emotions -- even people or events. In short... we each have it within ourselves to create the emotions, circumstances and relationships we wish to have in our world.

BOTTOM LINE >> Today's reality is the result of your past thoughts and emotions. If you like where you are, then you have done well. If you don't like where you are, then perhaps you can choose to change your thoughts and emotions today to create your new reality for tomorrow.

This is where good hypnotherapy can help you when other modalities have failed. Hypnotherapy gets to the root of the issue by directly accessing the sub-conscious mind where all of your programming and "known associations" reside. You cannot reach them directly in any other way but through the subconscious mind.

A hypnotherapist is much like a computer-programmer who re-writes HTML code in order to modify or change a program's looks or operating parameters. A very special skill-set is needed both for working with computers and for working with the human mind at the deepest level. A skilled hypnotherapist can safely and effectively suggest the desired changes directly into your subconscious programminng, which in turn can begin to manifest in your life, thereby making a more positive impact upon you and your world.

Please take a look at my "What is Hypnosis?" and "Contact Me" pages to learn more about me, and to schedule your free consultation, or email me at with any questions.

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