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Article: "How New Thoughts Are Accepted and Anchored Within"

Did you know that your life today is the manifestation of the thought-energy that has been emanating from your subconscious mind over the years? In other words, your current reality and experiences are the result of your past thoughts and actions. You receive back what you send out: Like attracts like.

You have the thoughts and beliefs that you do, because either you accepted them yourself, or someone in authority during your formative childhood years (between birth and 9 years of age) told you certain things and because they were an authority-figure, you believed what was said without question. Those new thoughts once accepted, became part of your belief-structure and will not easily change.

The gateway for all that you accept or reject is called the "Critical Mind Filter" which is a barrier or "protective mechanism" between your conscious mind and your subconscious mind. It is a lot like a bouncer that will only allow acceptable thoughts to pass. When they are accepted, they proceed immediately into your sub-conscious mind where the new thought embeds itself and becomes part of your reality of accepted beliefs: your "known associations."

Once that new thought is accepted and embedded, it begins to color your belief-system and soon affects your actions. This is how you grow and where your "programmed" behavior comes from.

But going back to your formative years between birth and 9 years of age, your mind has not yet developed the facets of "critical thinking" where logic, analyzation, will-power, decision-making and reasoning skills develop. This will happen later around 10 years of age. At this early stage children really are a blank slate and are very easily programmed by the world around them.

All too often, children have been damaged by hurtful words spoken to them - words such as, "You're worthless. You'll never amount to anything." And they grow up believing this because the "critical mind filter" has not yet developed. As a result, those words registered directly onto their subconscious "hard-drive" and became part of their belief structure which in turn would direct their future behavior and actions.

All deeply-held beliefs and expectations create an "energy" that continually strives to attract to itself that which is already out there in the world, and then bring that similar "energy" back to you. If you project positivity and love, you will attract that. If you project fear and a mindset of ill-health, you will attract that as well. Thoughts are things. Like attracts like.

We all have both positive thoughts and negative thoughts, but what we tend to focus on for any length of time and energize with emotion, will create a powerful signal that goes out and attaches itself to that same energy which is then attracted back to us. This is the "Law of Attraction" in action.

We really do have a direct hand in creating our own reality, but 9 out of 10 people don't know that. Once we understand the concept, we can begin to re-shape and modify our reality. We are the ones responsible for our lives, and we are the ones that can bring about change. Fortunately, there are others willing to lend a hand.

And this is where hypnosis can help: Hypnosis is a viable tool that gives you access to your subconscious mind.

"Hypnosis is the epitome of mind-body medicine. It can enable the mind to tell the body how to react, and modify the messages that the body sends to the mind." New York Times.

Consciously you may want something very badly but it is your subconscious mind, your deep-held and energized beliefs, that can sabotage any conscious efforts you make and keep the desired results from happening.

For example: Your new conscious thought might be, "I will be successful in my new business." But the old subconscious program says, "Not so fast. I will not be successful. Dad always told me I would never amount to anything." So it's not the conscious mind you need to deal with. You can say all the positive affirmations you want to, but the underlying belief about that, is what matters and what holds.

Just as in computer programming, new software code has to be written or modified and inserted to replace the old software code that no longer serves you. A skilled hypnotherapist with many hours of practical training knows how to safely and effectively take those new, improved, positive and successful ideas past the "gatekeeper" in your conscious mind, right down into the subconscious realm and safely make those modifications.

Then and only then will you begin operating with strong, effective, new and improved programs for success, well-being and prosperity. And finally, you will be projecting and attracting what you really want and desire into your life.

You deserve happiness. You deserve good health. You deserve to be loved. You deserve wealth. You deserve prosperity and success. Are you ready to change your world from within?

Then I want you to do just (4) things:

1) Think about and write down what you think has been holding you back.

2) Think about and write down the changes you want to experience.

3) Find a good, certified hypnotherapist with over 500 hours of training, and make an appointment.

4) Finally, begin now to think about, visualize and feel what it would be like to have your heart's desire.

Earl Nightingale said it best: "Whatever you plant in your subconscious mind and nourish with repetition and emotion will one day become a reality."

As a well-trained, certified hypnotherapist with over 750 hours of training, I believe I can help you. Together we can be a team, and together we can "begin to win."

Steven W. Graham, C.Ht is a certified, hypnotherapist who graduated with Honors from the Hypnosis Motivation Institute, college of hypnotherapy in Tarzana, California with a 4.0 GPA. Steven serves clients anywhere in the world by phone or Skype and would like to help you overcome fears, phobias, self-sabotaging beliefs, increase positivity and confidence, and in general be your facilitator for just about any type of vocational or avocational self-improvement.

You may contact Steven at by going to the "Contact Me" link at the website, or email Article Source: - Steven W. Graham, C.Ht

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